We are a team of exquisITe experts who provide excellent IT services for GSK sites worldwide on a daily basis.

As a part of a global healthcare company, we work in a multinational environment, support around 100 000 GSK employees and over 20 000 systems in the entire company. At present, at our office in Poznan, we employ about 500 highly-skilled professionals.

  • 100 000 GSK Employees
  • 20 000 Systems
  • 500 Highly-skilled
    in Poznan

Our Teams

What do we do:
– installation, configuration, support and decommission of Operating Systems (Windows Server, VMware ESXi)
– upgrades of servers fleet
– performance troubleshoot, Root Cause Analysis, Root Cause Elimination
– support of power maintenance activities in server rooms
– support of ITCP activities

  • 25 analysts
  • 9 000 servers
  • 30 000 tickets/year
  • 200 server rooms

What do we do:
– installation, configuration, support and decommission of Operating Systems (RedHat & Oracle Enterprise Linux, HP Unix, Solaris) on physical and virtual platforms (ESXi, OVS)
– software and firmware updates of Linux/Solaris/Unix Server fleet
– performance troubleshoot, Root Cause Analysis performance, Root Cause Elimination
– support of power maintenance activities in server rooms
– support of ITCP activities
– support of infrastructure projects related to Linux/Solaris/Unix systems

  • 18 analysts
  • 2 200 servers
  • 20 000 tickets/year
  • 40 server rooms

What do we do:
– installation, configuration, support and decommission of Storage Systems (NetApp arrays, EMC arrays, Brocade FC switches)
– software and firmware updates of Storage Systems
– NAS and SAN storage allocation, management and decommission
– troubleshoot problems, perform Root Cause Analysis, Root Cause Elimination
– support of ITCP activities
– authorization and review technical documentation from Storage area

  • 16 PB (petabyte) raw data
  • 16 analysts
  • 490 Disk Array Nodes
  • 270 FC switches
  • 95 server rooms
  • 13 000 tickets/year

What do we do:
– manage backups and backup schedules for GSK servers and data
– support backup solutions: Avamar, NetBackup, Backup Exec, Data Domain
– troubleshoot problems, perform Root Cause Analysis, Root Cause Elimination
– support ITCP exercises related to backup and recovery activities
– support yearly SOX tests
– support backup solution designs, implementations, upgrades and decommissions
– standardize backup solutions to GSK standards
– recover system and data from backup

  • 13 analysts
  • 30 000 tickets/year
  • 6 PB (petabytes) data backed up monthly
  • 310 backup hardware pieces
  • 160 backup environments
  • 9 300 backup clients

What do we do:
– Streamline and improve existing processes / process engineering / apply LEAN fundamentals
– Develop automated workflows / orchestration for previously manual processes
  ● full end to end process automation
– Support an increasing number of automated processes
  ● started with Server Provisioning – almost 30
   processes now automated
– Seek out new opportunities for automation

  • 4 analysts (3 in Poznan and 1 in US)
  • 3 168 provisioned servers
  • 3 693 decommissioned servers
  • 2 247 server software deployments
  • 2 733 processed storage provisioning requests
  • 14 752 processed UNIX access requests
  • 6 923 processed security alerts from Information Loss Protection
  • 281 processed SQL Server database copy, move, upgrade and decommission requests

What do we do:
‒ Release and Integration Teams are responsible for managing GSK server's fleet. Main members of Release Team are updating and securing Operating Systems, Software installation and implementing technical large scale project changes. Integration Team utilizes standard process to prepare scripts that are used for implementation in Server Release process. Changes are being made for Windows, Linux, AIX, ESX, OEL, and OVS platforms. Release Team supports and monitors infrastructure that manages server operating systems and client workstations.

  • 3 Integration Analysts (all based in Poznan)
  • 6 Release Analysts (2 in Poznan, 3 in US, 1 in Costa Rica)
  • 200+ servers in over 160+ sites around the world
  • 13 000+ managed servers
  • 105 000+ managed desktops

What do we do:
– Support of:
  ● Multi-tenant Hosting Environments
   (Windows/Linx) (786 Apps, 38 Servers)
  ● Standalone Hosting (329 Servers)
  ● Sharepoint OnPrem Hosting
   (8 Apps, 22 Servers)
  ● Dedicated Shared Environment's support
– Protected Hosting support and application deployment guidance in PH
– Design / deploy tools for application management
– Guidance in application development
– Qualys web related vulnerabilities remediation
– Development and Deploy of software tools and applications for us as well as the other GHO teams

  • 5 analysts (3 in Poznan, 2 in Malaysia)
  • 6 service managers (4 in US and ), 2 service mangers (UK)
  • 12 406 Self-Service request completed in 2015 (all completed by automated process in-house developed). In avg 34 request completed each day.

What do we do:
– Manage suppliers to deliver global Service Desk offering for GSK employees across the globe
– Build, maintain and adjust service measures allowing delivery of service along quality requirements
– Continuously improve the service in search for best equation of cost / quality

  • 26 languages operated worldwide
  • 800 000 customer interactions
  • 400 analysts managed by a team of 10

What do we do:
– Manage configuration aspects of iPad and PC operating systems
– Enable mobile devices to access resources within GSK network
– Publish apps in GSK internal Enterprise App Store for  iPads
– Automate application installation for PCs and Citrix virtual solutions
– Distribute software to GSK PC (e.g. new version of Internet Explorer)
– Keep GSK PCs secure by applying security updates every month
– Support Enterprise App Store for PCs
– Manage software reseller from  which GSK buys licenses

  • 300 300 internal GSK apps available in GSK Enterprise App Store for iPads
  • 1 800 PC apps available for end users in Enterprise App Store for PCs
  • 8 000 000 patches applied to PC per year
  • 30 000 managed and secured mobile devices in 100+ countries
  • 105 000 configurations of PCs in 80+ countries
  • 300 000 installs per year from PC app store

What do we do:
– We introduce a new global strategy for printing to replace existing print technology throughout the company with standard equipment delivered by selected vendor.
– We work with business users to optimize number of printers and reduce print volume
– Part of our strategy is to adopt the use of a service called “Follow Me Pull Printing”, which is the secure release of print, scan, copy and fax documents by using a security ID card on every printer available in the same site.

  • 240 sites managed
  • 3 000 multifunction devices operated
  • 80 000 users supervised

What do we do:
– Service Gateway is an entry point for accessing services such as IT, Finance, HR, Facilities and Procurement. It empowers GSK internal customers by facilitating access to knowledge and self-service capabilities.
– The Gateway team is responsible for strategy, evolution of the portal as well as overall governance, day-to-day operations and technical support.

  • 120 000 page visits/month
  • 45 000 unique visitors/month
  • 50 countries with access to the portal

What do we do:
We deliver solutions and services that accellerate GSK business through Mutli Chanell Marketing via:
– Social media
– Email marketing
– Web Authoring and Development
– Digital project management
– Mobile application publishing and testing

  • 2 000+ web pages created monthly
  • 25+ HCP focused portals and multiple Consumer Healthcare websites delivered in 2016 alone

What do we do:
– The only team in GSK IT Poznan cooperating closely with IT Vaccines Belgium and working on Vaccines dedicated systems
– Implement CBS/EIS values and principles into processes driven and overseen by Vaccines IT
– Maintain good working relationships and high professional standards
– Administer data in SAP and VSED for Vx users (account management / terminations)
– Document solutions, improve processes and create reports on service performance
– Improve technical processes, communication quality as well as general ways of working
– Cooperate with Vaccines IT Risk & Compliance on Firefighter monitoring (SAP privilege access)
– Document Infrastructure Qualification Protocols for Vx Layer3 applications

  • 5 specialists based in Poznan
  • 23 supported processes related mainly to access management
  • 96% average SLA in 2015
  • ~37 000 requests and incidents completed / year
  • 2 100 leavers terminated in 2015

What do we do:
– Deliver global SAP infrastructure for both commercial and manufacturing applications.
– Deliver secure environment to protect GSK sensitive information (technology, processes and people).
– Deliver rapid infrastructure changes to support company’s mergers and acquisitions.
– Deliver new technologies and services to increase productivity and effectiveness
– Simplify IT environment (infrastructure and applications).
– Implement and improve of global collaboration services.
– Design IT infrastructure to reflect industry standards and GSK business strategy.
– Manage Portfolio and pipeline
– Improve processes and provide Demand Management, governance and quality controls for all projects.

  • Global delivery
  • 300 projects managed yearly
  • 20 mln mln GBP budget
  • 100 PMs, Program and Portfolio Directors
  • P30

What do we do:
– Monitoring and providing IT support for the following systems used in clinical trials space:
  ● RamosNG and Ramos Classic - used to
   manage and monitor clinical trials.
  ● Xpress - Electronic shipping system for
   processing and tracking Clinical Trial
   Supplies orders.
  ● COMET - the material management
   system used in Clinical Trials.
  ● PTMS - used to manage phrases and
   translation which are used in Clinical
   Trials labels.
  ● SSR - an outlook based tool designed
   to automate the process of archiving
   SSR emails (Study related email data).
   Directly in to R&D Archive system PIER.
  ● Modula – used for the storage of
   clinical trial supplies in warehouse,
   these interact with the physical lifts
   which are used to process orders
   received from XPRESS.

  • 1 500 active sites
  • ~4 000 shipments per month
  • 600+ active clinical trials in Ramos
  • 1 400 Xpress users
  • 6 000 Ramos users ( including Helpdesk and according to user list from eTrack)
  • 4 000 Comet users
  • 1 874 SSR users
  • 2 200 tickets per year in total (Xpress/ Comet/ Ramos/ Ramos NG/ PTMS/ Modula/ SSR)
  • 39 servers
  • 24/7 availability

What do we do:
– We keep IT on the Right Track through the implementation of a Governance, Risk and Compliance model that enables compliant and efficient Delivery and Support of IT activities

  • 12 Key IT Risks drive priorities through robust Key Risk Indicators
  • 51 IT Policies, Standards and Procedures define standard IT Controls
  • 121 standard tests enable Monitoring of key IT Controls effectiveness

What do we do:
– protect against most advanced security threats and data leakage
– manage next generation detective and preventive security platforms
– scan for security vulnerabilities
– test web and mobile applications
– respond to incidents and investigate
– secure remote access to GSK resources, for both GSK and non-GSK users
– secure the internet access to all GSK sites

  • 550 websites tested every year
  • 8 000 virus infections prevented every month
  • 150 000 devices scanned to identify security issues
  • 1.5 bilion security events logged every day

What do we do:
– responsible for the lifecycle (creation/modification/termination) of core computer accounts – login ID (mud ID), windows account (Active Directory), e-mail account (Exchange), remote access (RSA token)
– provide access on additional platforms like AS400, Unix, Citrix, VAX
– troubleshoot of problems, performing Root Cause Analysis, Root Cause Elimination
– create group mailboxes, functional accounts, home drives
– create and maintain of SQL Server and Oracle accounts

  • 150 000+ supported users around the world
  • 12 000 tickets/year in Remedy
  • 100 000 requests outside of Remedy
  • 3 teams in 5 locations (Malaysia, Poland/USA/Costa Rica, UK)

What do we do:
– application support for pack artwork lifecycle management system (Oracle Agile PLM and OPLA) and supporting applications (Extensis Universal Type Font, InformAIT Inform/CC, Enfocus Pitstop and Switch, Barcode Scanning)
– e2e support and service management for Global Pack Management service for Pack Artwork Shared Services.
– support of Harmony programme and other business driven projects.
– cooperation with software and support vendors.

  • 4000+ supported users around the world
  • 16 x 5
  • 2 new systems in scope covering almost 100% of GSK’s artwork
  • 3 major user cluster (PASS Regional Service Centres) managing over 60% of GSK’s artwork

What do we do:
– manage highly scalable database service based on two platforms: SQL Server and Oracle.  
– service management, integration and operations.
– Database service delivers end to end solutions to our customers.
– analyze business needs and delivering architecture. After that we are doing installation and daily maintenance by whole product life cycle.
– responsible for quality and compliance, DR and ITCP, performance and tuning and many more.  
– following the best standards (ITIL and Lean) we are optimizing our service every day

  • 9 000 SQL Server and Oracle databases
  • 1PB (petabyte) size of our databases
  • 30 000 service requests and tickets per year

What do we do:
– provide day-to-day server administration and maintenance for all GSK-owned AIX servers  
– company's 5-star core-IT systems run on IT infrastructure that our team supports
– provides server administration
– software and firmware upgrades
– disaster recovery
– capacity and performance management
– reporting and analysis, root cause analysis and post-crash investigation
– new server delivery and testing
– decommissioning of old systems

  • 14 analysts
  • 1 200 servers
  • 10 000 tickets/year
  • 4 server rooms

GMS IT ADS Teams are responsible for Operations, Delivery and lifecycle management for portfolio of GMS systems. All the supported systems are globally deployed, centrally hosted and validated.
Service follows ITIL best practices and supports following systems:
– Analytical Archiving System
– Compliance Management System (CMS)
– Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
– Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
– Paperless Calibration Management System
– Supply Chain Planning System
– Technical Information Management System
– Quality Management System (QMS)

  • 8 systems
  • 33 countries
  • 73 sites
  • 24hx7 support

What do we do:
– Managing applications in R&D area (incident, problem, change and Vendor management)
– Participate in developing of new applications
– Managing improvements
– Problem solving
– Capacity planning (management)
– Application Life Cycle Management (updates, upgrades)
– Application migrations

  • 6 service owners in Poznan
  • 40 supported applications

What do we do:
– Manage and support systems used in GSK for Issue Management, Request Fulfillment, Service Management, Project Management etc.
– Develop small applications for internal users using AGILE techniques
– Provide consultancy regarding efficient use of the IT tools and/or improvements of the processes supported

  • 1 250 Request Fullfillment processes supported with 840 000 requests processed per year
  • 10 000 surveys being run by GSK employees per year
  • 2 000 000 tickets processed in Issue Management system per year
  • 1 600 projects created in Project Management system per year
  • 2 900 service management meetings run regularly in Online Comm Cell system

What do we do:
– Supporting critical CRM service (Veeva CRM, SalesForce.com)
– Data loading and extracting - information about our products, territories, dependencies and relations between Health Care Organizations and Health Care Professionals (Oracle database, SQL)
– Data interfaces - we are using the leading data integration solutions (Informatica)
– Allowing 16000 Sales Reps to each day plan and register their visits in reliable and safe environment

  • 21 experts
  • 16 000 Sales Reps supported from which
  • 14 000 are iPad users
  • 100 markets configured in 16 different languages
  • 30 000 requests and incidents annually
  • 200 local market administrators supported directly
  • 1 global, centralized team in Poznań providing support to CRM across the whole world


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